Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter is holding on

May be the winter sky looks a little friendlier in this sunset

Yes, it is me anyway

But the landscape
is covered with
sheet of ice!
To walk and drive is a little tricky on these grounds
now days!

He will be very big,
his name is Mac,
but only with couple of weeks of age
he is transported with
utmost loving care.
Just had to stop this Lady
but she was happy
to take a photo of
her precious possession!

Photo: @Blue bird


  1. Winter is holding on here too, there is still snow and ice covering the ground. But spring will come eventually.
    Beautiful photos of the sky and sunset :)
    Have a nice new week!

  2. Hello Hilde! Thank you for the comment. I looked both of your blogs, you don't have so much snow as we still have. Though for 2-3 days now it is above freezing at day, but the frost comes back at night. It helps the day melt, finally got to the birdfeeder with full load to eat.
    When you have squirels it is impossible to feed birds on the ground. But now is OK,- squirels get there food of peanut butter and the bird feeder is high up. Love: Julia/bb :)