Monday, February 21, 2011


But for now the ALL WINTER pattern
for this morning
here again
just for:

The Cardinal looking the feeder full of snow
where yesterday
was a set table
with all the favored food

From above the tree may be
he could spot
a break in the snow
where some food is hiding

But was snowing with all power of the winter anger

Coming down with full blast
to cover again
those springy spots
we were gathering
the past week

A pair of dove
talking :
"how can anybody think about
Spring around the corner?"

Yet there is a world
on this Earth
where the warm air
let the cactus thrive. :)))))))
and soon
will get here too
and the cactus will move outside! :)


Yes dear Friends:
March 21 is a month away
the date for
when in the calendar
officially is stated
the beginning of

Photos hot from the press today by:
@Blue Bird


  1. Lovely winter photos, Julia!
    Spring seems far away here as well. We got more snow today, and it is still very cold. Now I long for spring.

  2. You're still getting snow, oh no! I absolutely love the snow photos with the cardinal. So pretty!

  3. Heisann Hilde! Thanks for the comment.It was very disapponting this snow, because for a few days we had very "springy" weather and now is bitterly cold for the coming 3 days.
    Hope your little nursery doing well, soon to get out into the fresh air! Love,huga:Julia/bb :)

  4. Hello Leigh! You see there are blessed places even on the East Coast. You not far from there right! No more snow? Wow!
    I did not tell you yet, that I was studiing your bathroom creation: it is something to admire!Use it in good health!
    Thanks for the comment. Love Julia/bb:)

  5. The snow is soo beautiful, but I'm thankful that we don't get that much here! The cardinal is gorgeous!

  6. Thaks for the commentKadeeae! Weather in February is very unstable here:cold spells do not last, but the good days also just come and go.
    Before the middle of March one can not expect real Spring to stay!
    Good for you in that region lucky with kinder climate. Julia/Blue bird :)

  7. Your photos are beautiful! Have you thought about clicking on a larger size so they show up better! I love seeing the detail in each one! They are great! ♥

  8. Wonderful photographs...all that snow reminds me of November and December when we had heavy falls. So looking forward to spring.
    Thank you for visitng our blog...will be back to read more.

  9. Welcome Levander Dreamer! Thanks for the kind reply. The size of the picures can be made larger on your PC. At posting would take up too much room.
    You live in a beautiful place where you don't see snow!But we also will see the Summer Sun sooner or later. Best wishes:
    Julia/Blue bird :)

  10. Dear New Friend! Having problem to send this message! Perhaps something wrong with my PC or the very bad weather gives some hang up. I love your blog, follow you. Julia/bb :)

  11. Hello Homespunyear! This is the fifth time I am trying with this message!Thank you very much for your comment, hope to be able to
    send messages, this is very rare disturbence here.Julia/bb :)

  12. Csodálatos szép és igényes a blog ,nagyon szép fotókkal ,nyugodtságot szépséget és békét nyújt,
    Köszönöm kedves látogatást :))